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  General Repair Conditions

  • The owners or employees of Xecutronix are not liable for ANY loss or damage caused by fire, theft, storm or any other cause beyond our control, on or off the Xecutronix premises

  • For security reasons, the Xecutronix Customer slip obtained when handing your product in for repair, must be presented upon collection of The product

  • All accessories, parts or goods for repair, installation or sale, remain the property of Xecutronix until fully paid for 

  • Collection of installed or mounted product will only be done if the product has been removed and is free standing

  • Units not collected in 60 days from receipt or 30 days from quotation or completion will be sold to defray repair and storage costs

  • 90 days warranty on initial work done only

  • Bravospan 103cc t/a Xecutronix do not hold themselves responsible for any additional product faults, external or internal damage that may occur after it has been repaired or while the product is in the customers, owners or dealers possession. (You are advised to inspect product upon collection or delivery thereof) 

​  Warranty Repair Conditions

  • Warranty repair cover is calculated by LGEKR either 12, 24 or 36 months from the purchase date of the product by the customer (Warranty period is product dependent)

  • A valid POP (Proof of Purchase) is required to perform LGE WARRANTY repairs by Xecutronix. NO warranty repair will be honored without a valid suppliers POP

  • All warranty repair claims must be logged with the LGESA internal call Centre. They can be contacted on 0800 54 54 54. Exception made to walk-in customers only

​  Out of Warranty Repair Conditions (Cash Repairs or Sales)

  • Labour rates charged could vary from time to time but remain fixed as indicated on the current rate table. All prices exclude VAT

  • No Credit provided OUT OF WARRANTY repairs. All repairs are strictly paid using our CC facilities or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)

  • All product handed in for repair will be repaired if the total repair cost is under R850.00 excluding VAT, unless requested otherwise

  • A minimum collection fee of R185.00 excluding vat and/or delivery fee of R185.00 excluding vat is charged on all collections and could increase based on distance or product type

  • Full payment is required on spare part orders should the order price    exceed R300.00 excluding VAT

  • NO Warranty on parts purchases unless fitted by Xecutronix. 
    A 30% restocking fee is charged upon acceptance of refund. Refunds are subject to approval by Xecutronix Management and upon approval must be returned in original packaging accompanied by the purchase invoice.

  • An Assessment Fee will be requested upfront when booking in your unit for repair. This is also referred to as the Quote Rejection Fee and is NON-REFUNDABLE

  • All labour rates include the initial assessment fee. The labour fee is    charged for the first hour only. 50% of the labour fee is charged per half  hour thereafter

  • DO NOT transfer a payment using a REPAIR ESTIMATE, ONLY make payment using a system generated REPAIR INVOICE

  • Quotes/Estimates could change and are provided based on your fault symptom. (We trust that ALL information provided by you is true and correct) * After quoted parts are fitted and we find additional faults other than the symptom provided, you will be RE-QUOTED! 
    Quotes valid for 7 days

  • Part suppliers could inform of parts DISCONTINUATION or change in their stock inventory after we have placed the initial order. (It is beyond our control to supply accurate "supplier" prices and inventory statuses as these could change without any notice)

      Immediate Warranty Exclusion/Void (IN or OUT of Warranty)

  • Product Neglect: Damage caused during customer transportation,   improper installation, incorrect or insufficient AC supplied to product, improper adjustments, external speaker mismatch, external or internal modifications to product

  • Acts of GOD (Causes beyond our control): Lightning strikes, power surges or outages, water damage, insect/rodent infestation or insequential losses are not covered by our warranty

  • The LGE (Manufacturers) Original "Model or Serial number" has been removed, defaced or changed in any way

  • The LGEKR Warranty period has expired. No exceptions or extensions will be honoured

  • The XECUTRONIX "warranty void" sticker has been tampered with or removed.




  • All copyright rights remain with Xecutronix. No section or part of this website may be reproduced in any form or manner without the    permission of Xecutronix.​​



  • Information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or    typographical errors. Xecutronix may make updates, improvements and/or changes in its services offered and/or information described at any time without notice. 
    Xecutronix does not guarantee the accuracy or
     completeness of the Information contained in this website

  • ​This website can contain links to sites which are not maintained by  Xecutronix. We are not responsible and have no control over the content of those sites nor do we guarantee the content of these sites. All products, services or deals mentioned by this site are provided by third parties and are subject to change without notice

  • Alternatively, you may use the "CONTACT" page to notify us of any    problems, questions or concerns you may have.


  • Any information provided by our customers will only be used for our    customer database. We do not disclose any personally identifiable    information to any third party unless we have your permission.


  • All payments are to be made using our Credit Card facilities or via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) NO CASH Transactions 

  • Please be advised that there may be scams circulating by SMS, fax and e-mail requesting personal information from customers

  • ​If you should receive an SMS, fax or e-mail which appears to be from  Xecutronix requesting your personal information, please do not supply any unless pre-arranged with a staff member at Xecutronix

  • If you receive any suspicious requests, please confirm the request with Xecutronix at (

  • Please be alert of the ever increasing occurrence of this type of fraudulent activity.

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